New Ways to Sell - Think Outside the T-Shirt

   These are difficult times. How many of you have heard that today? Well it's true, but let's look at the bright side. These times we are dealing with are tough, but sometimes obstacles force us to think outside the box...or outside the t-shirt like we mentioned. If t-shirt sales are not as consistent as they used to be, you may be trying to think of different custom items or add-on sales you can offer. Maybe it's something you've never planned on offering or you don't have the right equipment to produce it. Have no fear...we can help with that. Let's look at a few options for add-on sales or sales in general!


Custom Stickers - Great for floor graphics, countertops--well just about anywhere

Custom Banners - Say it loud! Can be hung from ceilings, walls or fences to let people know a business is open and special hours or dining options are available

Custom Static Clings - Easy to view signs to apply on glass windows or doors for clear direction on store protocols

   If you already own a wide format printer like the Roland one listed here or another brand, you're ready to go. Order the appropriate materials and supplies then set up your ink profiles accordingly. However, in most cases you may not own one of these machines but would still like to offer the service. No problem! You can order all these things through Wellington House and have them shipped to you directly. Upload your art here and we'll take care of the rest. You can decide whether to offer installment of the products or simply supply your customer with the appropriate instructions and any supplies needed for the process.

   It's really that simple. Decide what products you think your customers are in need of and route the path to fulfill the order. Whether you do it on your own or outsource the production, the results are the same...satisfied customers and increased profits!

Let's end 2020 on a high note!

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