Vocational Vocabulary Series:


The word ‘bleed’ has multiple different meanings, like what happens when your skin gets cut. But in this article we’re going to focus on 2 ways this term is used in the printing and heat transfer industry, how it affects you, and how.... Read More

Substrate & Textile

While the terms Substrate and Textile aren’t used very much in ‘day-to-day’ speech, you will probably hear them when you attend trade shows, or other events catering to the garment decoration... Read More

Hi-Vis & Reflective

Hi-Vis and Reflective are terms not only used in construction and emergency services, but are also a part of garment decoration... Read More


Tack can mean a few different things in the garment decoration business, especially when dealing with heat transfer vinyl. Here are 2 areas this term is used... Read More

Kiss Cut

Kiss Cut refers to a cutting technique where multiple layers are stacked together then cut, with each layer’s cut path inset from the layer below it. This technique is commonly used in... Read More

Dye Migration

Dye Migration (also sometimes called bleeding) is when the dyes or inks from a fabric (like a t-shirt or jersey) migrate or move from the fabric into something else, like... Read More

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