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Survey: Catalog or Website?

We want to hear from you! Take a short 1 minute survey about how you gather info and place orders and we'll reward you with a gift. See more...

Vocational Vocabulary Series:

Hi-Vis & Reflective

Hi-Vis and Reflective are terms not only used in construction and emergency services, but are also a part of garment decoration... Read More

What Kind of Heat Press Should I Get?

There seem to be an abundance of heat press options these days. So how do you choose the right one from among all the different brands, styles, sizes... See More

Vocational Vocabulary Series:


Tack can mean a few different things in the garment decoration business, especially when dealing with heat transfer vinyl. Here are 2 areas this term is used... Read More

NEW: Smash-On™ 2.0

Smash-On™ HTV was an amazing vinyl because it was thin, stretchy, and soft. So what makes Smash-On™ 2.0 better?... See More

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