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EasyColor™ DTV™-all you need is an inkjet printer

Full-Color is now available to everyone!..... Read More

HouseCut - Our very own HTV

Have you tried our NEW HouseCut material? It's our own private label heat transfer vinyl! ..... Read More

Thermo-Film® by Stahls'® - Why it's #1

Best-Selling Thermo-FILM is Back in Stock!..... Read More

Roland TrueVIS VG3 & SG3

What's new about these 3rd generation printer/cutters?..... Read More

Dancewear & Stahls'® Glitter Flake™

Stahls'® Glitter Flake™ is now available!..... Read More

New To Wellington House

Exciting new materials are available..... Read More

Dealing With Material Shortages

We're sure you've heard "unfortunately we're out of stock in that" a few too many times this year #covid. The unfortunate reality is that everyone is facing material shortages, shipping delays or manufacturing issues due to the pandemic..... Read More

New: Sublithin® Soft Printable Material by Siser®

It's time to say goodbye to Colorprint Sublithin...and hello to Sublithin® Soft Printable HTV! Sublithin® Soft is a printable matte HTV designed to block dye migration from sublimated polyester garments, such as sport jerseys. Although slightly thicker than it's predecessor, Sublithin® Soft is less rigid, leading to an overall softer feel.... Read More

Showcase Summer with Specialty HTV

Summer is upon us and that means people want fun, bright, eye-catching designs or text on their new t-shirt, hoodie, gym bag, hat, etc. Whether it's a souvenir, a family reunion, or a summer camp these materials can bring a basic garment to the next level.… Read More

Out With the Old, In With the New

First things first-we need to apologize. At the beginning of the year, Graphtec America came out with the NEW Graphtec CE7000 series and we forgot to introduce you! Something during 2020 must have distracted us… Read More

New: UltraWeed™ by Stahls'

There are lots of htv’s out there and sometimes it’s hard to find the right fit. You may choose one over the other because of various reasons. ... Read More

Discontinued - Roland VS-300i

It's the end of an era. For the past decade, starting in 2010 with the VS, and the VSi in 2013, this series of printers... Read More

Holographic 'Rainbow Pearl' Replaces 'Pearl'

Because of its cloudy, translucent blend of pinks, purples, and blues, the Holographic Pearl material was a unique choice... Read More

NEW: Roland TrueVIS SG2 & VG2 Series Printer/Cutters

Roland DGA is always looking for ways to offer the highest quality, user friendly, print/cut machines at affordable prices. Now, after listening to the voices of their customers... Read More

New: EasyWeed® Matte Black HTV

Due to popular demand, EasyWeed® is now available in Matte Black. While regular EasyWeed® has a more Satin finish, the new Matte Black is... Read More

NEW: Smash-On™ 2.0

Smash-On™ HTV was an amazing vinyl because it was thin, stretchy, and soft. So what makes Smash-On™ 2.0 better?... See More

Discontinued Materials

'Siser giveth and Siser taketh away'. It seemed like we just announced these products, but soon they will be no more... See More

Hi-5 Print HTV - Fast, Cool, Easy

Siser’s new Hi-5 Print Matte HTV could be a game changer for you and your business. What makes this printable vinyl different from the rest? ... See More

New: Blackboard HTV

Whether you are a crafter, HTV hobbyist, or a professional garment decorator, Siser's all new BlackBoard™ heat transfer vinyl takes creativity to the next level.... See More

Hotronix Fusion IQ

The Hotronix Fusion IQ™ heat press incorporates innovative, advanced technology to help you and your business thrive. The new features of the Fusion IQ™ ... See More

NEW: Rainbow Coral & Rainbow Plum Glitter

How does Siser keep coming up with more amazing colors for Glitter?... See More

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