Holographic 'Rainbow Pearl' replaces 'Pearl'

Siser Holographic Rainbow Pearl


Because of its cloudy, translucent blend of pinks, purples, and blues, the Holographic Pearl material was a unique choice for garment decorators. However, due to complications in the manufacturing process, this color has been unavailable for some time.

So Siser is replacing this unique color with another (with a slight twist).

INTRODUCING: Holographic Rainbow Pearl

Siser Holographic Rainbow Pearl

The new Rainbow Pearl has a more smooth, mirror-like finish that shines with brilliant blues and purples, depending on the angle from where it is viewed. When applied onto dark garments, Rainbow Pearl takes on a deep gold finish with hints of blue-green when viewed from the side.

Siser Holographic Rainbow Pearl

Cutting, application, and laundering instructions are the same, as is pricing.

Head to our website to order some Holographic Rainbor Pearl HTV today: WellingtonHouse.com/Holographic

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