Showcase Summer with Specialty HTV

Summer is upon us and that means people want fun, bright, eye-catching designs or text on their new t-shirt, hoodie, gym bag, hat, etc. Whether it's a souvenir, a family reunion, or a summer camp these materials can bring a basic garment to the next level with the extra pop to make these summer days even brighter. We're sharing some of our newest specialty materials and a couple of our favorite OG's...

Reflective Glitter

It doesn't get better than glitter...but wait, Stahls'® went and made it reflective! The new CAD-CUT® Reflective Glitter HTV is like nothing else. The vibrant colors shift with the garment, offering a brilliant sparkle and shine in any setting.

  • Glossy, reflective finish shifts with garment
  • 12 vibrant colors
  • Smooth glitter texture won't flake off
  • Available by the roll or we'll cut it for you, ready to apply!

Textured Colors in CAD-CUT® Soft Foam

Now you can have dimension AND texture. You're still getting the unique raised look and velvet feel of CAD-CUT® Soft Foam but with an awesome wavy textured finish. It still holds a good amount of detail and is easy to weed. It's available in seven colors that are sure crowd pleasers:


Holographic by Siser® is one of a kind. It contains color changing chips that create the effect of depth and dimension. It can also be a great substitute for rhinestones. Cut the material in small circles to mimic rhinestones but without the hassle of actually applying them individually. It also features a rainbow color and several "Pearl" colors that give your designs an opalescent finish that changes depending on the color of the garment.

EasyWeed® Electric

With it's pearlescent metallic sheen EasyWeed® Electric by Siser® is a great go-to for vibrant colors that last. It continues to be a popular option with many different colors and more being added. It's durability wash after wash and the option to do multi layer designs makes it a great option.

If  you would like a sample of any of these materials give us a call or email us today!

800-234-4890 / supplies@wellingtonhouse.com

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