Smash-On™ 2.0 Heat Transfer Vinyl

The world of HTV just got better!

What made Smash-On™ so amazing?

  • THIN - Smash-On™ is very thin, comparable to other vinyls like EasyWeed (90 microns), Premium Plus (80-108 microns), Gorilla Grip II (80 microns), and others.
  • SOFT HAND - The face of this vinyl is extremely soft to the touch. And because it's so thin, you can often see and feel the texture of the garment coming through.
  • STRETCHY - With the rising popularity of performance fabrics that are stretchy (including polyesters, lycra, spandex), decorators need a vinyl that will stretch and rebound with the garment. Smash-On™ HTV does just that, stretching and flexing with ease.

What makes Smash-On™ 2.0 better?

All the perks from the original Smash-On™, plus:

  • LOW TEMP APPLICATION - New 250˚F / 120˚C application temperature helps you avoid scorching or burn marks on the garment (previously 310˚F).
  • SHORT APPLICATION TIME  - Only 5 seconds needed to press this HTV! That's 10 seconds less than the original Smash-On™.
  • MORE COLORS AVAILABLE - The 19 colors available include all the basics, some metallics and even fluorescent colors. See below.


So in summary, Smash-On™ 2.0 is thin, elastic, soft to the touch, has a matte finish, with a low temp and short 5 second application.


Check out more details here on our website: WellingtonHouse.com/Smash-On-2.0

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