25 Years With Stahls'®

Time flies when you have great partners!

    Earlier this month, we were featured on Stahls'® blog as a Master Distributor who hit this 25 year partnership milestone. We are thrilled to have been able to provide our customers with such innovative products for this long! Just recently, we added Reflective Glitter and the fun new textured colors in Soft Foam Material. Also, one of our favorite additions has been the UltraWeed™ Material with its production friendly characteristics, low-temp application, and soft matte finish. If you haven't tried these products, call for a sample today! 

We are excited to continue this partnership and keep providing our customers with such amazing products that are sure to keep their businesses thriving. Thanks Stahls'®!


Check out the official press release from Stahls'® below:



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