NEW: Roland GR Cutters

3 Roland GR cutters of different widths

Roland has just released their latest innovative cutter series, the CAMM-1 GR Series cutters.

They’ve taken 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry and built this cutter from the ground up. So what makes this new series of cutters different from the previous generation?

Features of the new Roland GR Series Cutter:

  • ‘L’ shaped frame minimizes vibrations during cutting
  • 2 integrated handles in the front allow for easy movement of cutter
  • Built in tray for blade holders and other accessories
  • Dual position blade holder to switch from normal cutting to perforated cutting
  • Perforated blade holder is positioned over a groove to maximize the life of your blade and cutting strip
  • Outer pinch rollers have 10 variable pressure settings to ensure proper grip on thick and thin materials
  • Ethernet port allows you to connect cutter to your network so you can send jobs from multiple computers
  • Up to 600 grams of downforce
  • 3 Year Warranty

For more information, check our website, or talk with one of our certified Roland technicians: 1-800-234-4890

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