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white football jersey with black HTV name/number on the front

School Sports Success

Summer is almost over, bummer. However, with the start of a new school year comes new opportunities for sales. As you prepare for the orders coming your way, we want to make sure you have everything you need for success when it comes to heat application.  FIRST THINGS FIRST – JERSEYS Jerseys, the quintessential apparel […]

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picture of person using the Hotronix EZ Weeding Table

Weeding Made Easy

Is weeding your favorite thing to do? We’re guessing no. While we can’t completely eliminate this critical part of production, we can help you optimize your workspace and increase productivity by up to 60%! Want to know how? Featuring: STAHLS’ EZ Weeding™ Table We know what you’re thinking…. another piece of equipment?!?! But here’s some food

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Hotronix Fusion series heat presses

Do you have a cold spot?

We hope you are staying warm during wintertime but, we’re not asking about your body temperature. Rather, we are speaking Heat Press language and it’s something we should all be familiar with. No matter what type of transfer you are applying the key to success is HEAT. Without the adequate heat, the adhesives found on various transfers will not activate and properly

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Fall decoration ideas

Fall Decoration Ideas

With the Fall season upon us, many customers are looking for fall inspired apparel, home décor, and hard goods. We love the opportunity it gives for new creative ideas that are tailored to on-trend markets. We’ve put together 5 categories that we think are well worth your attention. CAMPING & OUTDOOR SPORTS Especially during the

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Hotronix IQ 360 hat press

Have you tapped into this market?

Want to make more money and stand out with something other than T-shirts? Printing hats is extremely profitable in terms of apparel decoration. With the Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press we started selling this year, you can heat press hats with ease. Ditch the headaches that come with scorch marks! This revolutionary press was designed to incorporate lower and

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picture of heat transfer vinyl accessories

Must-Have Accessories for Heat Printing

Don’t forget the basics- Simple things can make your work environment organized, efficient and running smoothly with no hiccups. Plus it’s always important to protect and maintain your equipment and supplies as well. Here’s our go-to accessories that will help you produce the best-looking items every time with smooth transition from one to the other.

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Vocational Vocabulary Series: Bleed cover image

Vocational Vocabulary: Bleed

The word ‘bleed’ has multiple different meanings, like what happens when your skin gets cut. But in this article we’re going to focus on 2 ways this term is used in the printing and heat transfer industry, how it affects you, and how to utilize one and avoid the other. A ‘Bleed’ in printing? A

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Decorating Waterproof Garments cover

How To Decorate Waterproof Garments

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is: ‘Which heat transfers will stick to waterproof or water-resistant fabric?’ Waterproof and water-resistant coatings/treatments are a big challenge for garment decorators to overcome.  So in this article, we’re going to discuss the following: Waterproof & Water Resistant Like we mentioned in the beginning, waterproof and

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