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Vocational Vocabulary Series:


The word ‘bleed’ has multiple different meanings, like what happens when your skin gets cut. But in this article we’re going to focus on 2 ways this term is used in the printing and heat transfer industry, how it affects you, and how.... Read More

What's New In 2020?

Wellington House Inc is going into 2020 with continued determination to offer quality products and services. And this year, we are adding more tools and materials to help your business thrive... Read More

4 Most Common Causes of Cutting Problems

Jagged cut lines, corners not connecting, constantly turning up the cut force. These are some of the most common vinyl cutting problems, and they can easily be diagnosed and fixed by checking these 4 things ... Read More

How To Decorate Waterproof Garments

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is: ‘Which heat transfer vinyl will stick to waterproof or water resistant fabric?’ Waterproof and water resistant coatings/treatments are... Read More

What You Can Learn At A Tradeshow

Why attend this years Impressions Expo 2020 in Long Beach, CA? This WH Blog article reveals what you can learn, and discusses other benefits of attending trade shows. Plus there's a free gift in it for you... Read More

Holographic 'Rainbow Pearl' Replaces 'Pearl'

Because of its cloudy, translucent blend of pinks, purples, and blues, the Holographic Pearl material was a unique choice... Read More

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