Fall Sports = Custom Jerseys, Fan Wear, and More!

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With the approach of the fall season, not only are kids back in school, but fall sports are starting. And that means there is a big demand for:

  • customized jerseys
  • warm ups
  • fan wear
  • and now even customized sports balls!

So how can your business meet the demand for custom made jerseys and related clothing this season?

More than that, how can you give your customers more unique offerings and upsell them on premium looks?

Customized Jerseys

picture of a blue football jersey with a name and number on the back in Thermo Film HTV

Every year, sports teams (whether the Profesional, Minor League, College, local schools, clubs, etc..) are in need of new, customized jerseys. It’s a standard of team sports, and while some of your customers may just want the same old colors, fonts, and layouts that they’ve always gotten, many schools and clubs are looking for ways to stand out. For example, the Oregon Ducks College Football team always tries to push the envelope with their flashy colors and unique number styles.

As a garment decorator, you can utilize the latest, fashion forward materials and styles to give your customers that unique look they’re wanting. And while it’s true that specialized materials come with a price, many teams and clubs are willing to pay that little extra to stand out from the crowd. But if you never offer it, they may not even know it’s an option.

So what are some of the options for giving your customers a premium looking jersey?

Take a look at some of our recent additions to the Pre-Spaced Number styles:


Bewitched number font


Bleached number font


Chopper number font


Circuit number font


Fury number font


Fusion number font


Galactica number font


Galaxy number font

Gothic Shadow

Gothic Shadow Number font


Graffiti number font

High Octane

High Octane number font


Highlight number font

Home Run

Home Run number font


M.A.S.H. number font

Pro Block

Pro Block number font

Pro Block Gap Outline

Pro Block Gap Outline number font

Pro Outline

Pro Outline number font


Rawrr! number font

Sabre Spiked

Sabre Spiked number font


Scoreboard number font


Shatter number font


Soccer number font

Swiss Shadow

Swiss Shadow number font

Team US

Team US number font

Team US Fade

Team US Fade number font

Team US Gap Outline

Team US Gap Outline number font

Team US Pinstripe

Team US Pinstripe number font


Tiffany number font

Titan Stenciled

Titan Stenciled number font

Titan Striped

Titan Striped number font


Tribal number font


Varsity number font

Varsity Fade

Varsity Fade number font

Varsity Gap Outline

Varsity Gap Outline number font

Varsity Pinstripe

Varsity Pinstripe number font

Worldcup Shadow

Worldcup Shadow number font

What about going beyond the plain, solid color vinyl for your names and numbers?

While Stahls’ Thermo-FILM® and Thermo-GRIP® are the go-to vinyls for Jersey decoration, try mixing up the look with:


picture of yellow shirt with metallic HTV clock works design on it

EasyWeed™ Electric and METAL are sure to make the jerseys POP


Siser Easy Reflective heat transfer vinyl

EasyRelfective™ and 3M™ Reflective will ensure everyone on the field and in the stands sees the players


Siser EasyPatterns HTV

Give the team a truly custom look with EasyPatterns®. From sport specific patterns like Basketball and Football, to more unique patterns like Carbon Fiber and Camouflage

– Do you currently outsource full color digital prints, banners, stickers or other printed graphics? Investing in a Wide Format Printer will not only allow you to price these items more competitively but you can deliver them in half the time or faster!

Fan Wear

If you’re already customizing and decorating jerseys for the team, why not offer to make some fan wear?

Does the team have a mascot? Create a 1 color or multi-color transfer of it to put on t-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, hats, and more.

black outline of cougar mascot

EasyWeed™ is a perfect material for cutting detailed 1 color logos – like this Cougar Mascot.

full color cougar head mascot

Or choose ColorPrint™ Easy for a full color look

Submit either option to our Art Department to create for you:
1 or 2 Color Designs
Full Color Prints

Maybe the parents want to support their kids on the field by wearing their name & numbers on a fan jersey or t-shirt.
The thin, soft, stretchy vinyls like Smash-On® 2.0Premium Plus™, and EasyWeed™ Stretch offers a light feel everyone is sure to love on their t-shirts and other fan garments.

And for those customers that want to add some bling and sparkle, Glitter is a great solution.

Customized Sports Balls

If you’re already customizing and decorating jerseys for the team, why not offer to make some fan wear?

Personalized Sports Balls are a unique add-on sale to customers that are already getting their teams outfitted. And with the Hotronix Ball Press, you can add Team logos, Player names and numbers, school mascots, and so much more to a variety of sports balls.

Hotronix sports ball heat press

So in summary, when decorating fall sports jerseys this season, think outside the box of plain fonts and basic colors. There are a variety of options for unique looks that will add to the ‘Wow Factor’. And don’t forget to mention the different options for ‘Fan Wear’ and ‘Customized Sports Balls’ for add-on sales.

Happy Decorating!

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