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Hotronix IQ 360 hat press

Want to make more money and stand out with something other than T-shirts? Printing hats is extremely profitable in terms of apparel decoration. With the Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press we started selling this year, you can heat press hats with ease. Ditch the headaches that come with scorch marks! This revolutionary press was designed to incorporate lower and upper heating elements to ensure a perfect recipe for adhesion. Not only can you control both the top and bottom heat independently and get a 360° print range, but the lower platen fits any hat on the market. Plus, Hotronix® has made sure to include it’s IQ® technology so you can track your production analytics in real time.

chart showing different hat decoration areas

Headwear has proven to be a rising trend in the heat printing industry so don’t miss out on this opportunity. To have success, try some of these popular hat styles…


Most people get scared when they see the fabric content of beanies. Even though a beanie may be 100% acrylic, decorating has never been easier thanks to the 360 IQ® Hat Press. Having two separate controls for top and lower heat equals the perfect adhesive bond for heat sensitive fabrics.

SnapBack Trucker Hat

In addition to acrylic, trucker hats are also made up of heat-sensitive materials. Made of 100% polyester foam, these hats could potentially be a scorching nightmare on a standard hat press. But with the right equipment, lower temp application, and materials, decorating this type of hat is possible.

6-Panel Structured

Fear center seams, no more! This classic hat style is a staple in hat decoration. If any of you are experienced heat printers, you may be aware that when seams are involved you would want to use a heat printing pillow. Because of the lower heating element on this hat press, it can heat the hat from underneath and create an adhesive bond. The foam cover pads that come with this hat press are also key to protecting any emblem or patch from the top heating element. 


Now more than ever, the safety market has been growing. Visibility is key when it comes to decorating hats for safety workers. Did you know the Hotronix® 360 IQ® hat press still works seamlessly with any of the 1-color HTV products we carry? You can also use our custom services to achieve a look that stands out and gets people noticed.


Pressing hats has never been easier due to the design of the Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press. With simplicity in mind, you don’t have to worry about a large footprint or extra platens. All hat types and sizes can be used with a single built-in platen. For quick reference on all it’s benefits check out the brochure here.

Hotronix IQ 360 hat press

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