Must-Have Accessories for Heat Printing

picture of heat transfer vinyl accessories

Don’t forget the basics-

Simple things can make your work environment organized, efficient and running smoothly with no hiccups. Plus it’s always important to protect and maintain your equipment and supplies as well. Here’s our go-to accessories that will help you produce the best-looking items every time with smooth transition from one to the other.

EZ Weeder® or Tweezers

An essential tool for removing the cavities and excess material from heat transfer vinyl. Between the EZ Weeder® and Tweezers we’ve found it’s simply preference.

EZ Weeding Tool
Vinyl weeding tweezers

Storage Boxes

These cardboard storage boxes with plastic inserts are the best way to store and organize your pre-cut lettering or numbers for quick, easy access.

picture of storage box for die-cut heat transfer letters and number

Platen Covers

Protect your garments, protect your platens and make your production smoother with these options:

picture of a Non-Stick Heat Press Upper Platen Cover on a clam shell style heat press

Non-Stick Upper Platen Cover

  • Protects from inks and adhesives
  • Best for DTG and dye sublimation
picture of a Silicone Heat Press Upper Platen Cover on a heat press

Silicone Upper Platen Cover

  • Protects heat-sensitive fabrics like neoprene, lycra/spandex and performance polyester
Picture of a Lower Platen Protector being put on to a heat press

Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector

  • Easy to thread and remove garments on the lower platen
  • Reduces wear and tear on your heat press

Pillows & Pads

Heat Press Pillows are a lifesaver for preventing scorch marks from collars, zippers and other raised areas. They are placed inside the garment and are a reusable pillow with non-stick surface.

picture of different sized heat press pillows

Print Perfect Pads come in 3 different sizes and elevate the printing area so you can completely avoid areas that have buttons, seams or zippers.

picture of heat press print perfect pads

Thermo-Tape™ & Dispenser

Ever have small text or loose letters that seem to float to a different location after you lock down the press? We’ve been there. Thermo-Tape™ is a heat-resistant tape that allows you to keep those things in place during application for a picture perfect end result. The dispenser is self explanatory…ever try to find the edge of your scotch tape? Yeah, you get it.

picture of roll of Thermo Tape
picture of Thermo Tape dispenser

Cover Sheets

These are necessary and you probably know that but, did you know you have options?

picture of multiple heat press cover sheets

6 mil Cover Sheet

  • Reusable with a non-stick coating
  • Leaves a semi-gloss finish

Kraft Cover Sheet

  • Leaves a matte finish
  • Helps reduce static buildup when applying HTV
picture of grey flexible application pad for use when heat pressing vinyl

Flexible Application Pad

  • Great for decorating nylon
  • Protects buttons, snaps and zippers

VLR (Vinyl Letter Remover)

Mistakes happen. Instead of having to trash an entire garment just use Vinyl Letter Removing solvent. It’s powerful, doesn’t leave stains and works FAST. (testing recommended prior to use)

picture of vinyl letter remover bottle

That’s all folks! You may have one or all of these already but if you need more information as to why we think these are essential, let us know! If you’re ready to invest more into optimizing your production, we can help with that too….can you say “heated EZ Weeding Table?”….it’s SO worth it. Either way we’ve got you covered – order online today!

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