Discontinued – Roland VS-300i

Discontinued Roalnd VSi blog article cover

It’s the end of an era

For the past decade, starting in 2010 with the VS, and the VSi in 2013, this series of printers have been one of Roland’s most popular and versatile printer/cutter series.

The VS/VSi series paved the way for the current lineup of Roland Printer/Cutters with the advancement of adding White, Metallic, Light Magenta/Cyan/Black inks, gold-plated print heads, and more user-friendly interface.

diagram chart showing the release and changes to the Roland VS series printers

However, as of March 2020, the Roland VSi series printer/cutters are discontinued and no longer for sale.

What does this mean if you currently own a VS or VSi printer?

Wellington House and Roland will continue to service and support these machines. Supplies, parts and accessories will continue to be sold, so you can keep your printer running and in good repair.

If you have any questions or concerns, our Roland Technicians are here to help.

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