DTF TRANSFERS – What you need to know

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If you are in the garment decorating or printing industry, you have probably heard the term DTF a lot lately. This printing technology has taken our industry by storm. But what exactly is DTF? Why choose DTF over other printing methods?

What are DTF Transfers?

DTF stands for Direct-To-Film. This means your full color design is printed directly on a special transfer film. No vinyl, no borders, no problem. What are the key components that make up a DTF Transfer?

  • DTF FILM: The core of DTF Transfers is the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film. It acts as the carrier for your design, ensuring precision and smooth release after heat application.
  • DTF INK: DTF Inks are water-based inks that provide vibrant, durable transfers that last.
  • DTF ADHESIVE: The adhesive layer bonds the printed design to the substrate during the heat press application.

Why choose DTF?

DTF Transfers have become the go-to option for full color designs. But why choose DTF over traditional heat transfer vinyl, or digitally printed HTV? Here are some benefits of DTF Transfers:

  • Unlimited Vibrant Colors. DTF allows you to print any number of colors. No more laying down multiple layers of vinyl or setting up screens for each color.
  • No Borders. Because there is no vinyl to cut, there doesn’t need to be any thick, chunky borders around your design.
  • More Affordable. DTF Transfers are very cost effective when compared to heat transfer vinyl and digital prints.
  • Fast Turn-Around. DTF Transfers require almost no handling after printed and cured. That translates to quick turn-around and delivery times.
  • Quality. The print quality of DTF Transfers can be as good as any other garment printing method. But that all depends on where you get them and how they’re printed.
  • Versatility. DTF Transfers come with a white ink base, meaning they will work on any color substrate, making them ideal for diverse garment styles. While the most common applications are Cotton, Polyester, and other blends, we have successfully applied DTF to tri-blends, nylon, and even coated fabrics (testing recommended). They can even apply onto materials like cardboard and wood!
  • Durability. If cared for correctly, DTF Transfers can last up to 50 washes before you notice any significant wear or fading.

How Can I Order DTF Transfers?

Now that you have all the information on Direct-to-film, you may wonder, “Where do I start? How can get my design, logo, or artwork printed ordered as DTF?”

Most websites (including HouseDTF.com) offering DTF printing services allow you to order 2 ways:

  1. Order DTF Transfers Per Piece
  2. Order DTF Gang Sheets

Ordering DTF Transfers by the piece:

This is the simplest way to order your design or artwork. Just select the size and quantity you want, then upload your 1 file. That’s all there is to it!

Ordering DTF Gang Sheets:

Gang sheets are large sheets containing multiple designs or images. These generally take more time to setup, but the advantage is you can use up all the space in between and around your designs. This gives you the most value for your money!

How To Get Started

If you are a small business, a screenprint shop, or any other kind of garment decorator, you can begin ordering our DTF Transfers in just a few easy steps:

  1. Visit our DTF Transfers Website: www.housedtf.com
  2. Sign Up / Register your account (existing Wellington House Inc customers will still need to register)
  3. We review and approve your account
  4. Begin uploading your files and ordering your DTF Transfers

Why Order DTF from Wellington House Inc?

At Wellington House we want you to provide you with high quality, cost-effective options to meet your customer’s needs, and DTF Transfers are an essential part of that solution. You can elevate your offerings with these vibrant, detailed, full color designs that will not only impress your customers but give them the confidence in your ability to provide quality, long-lasting, on-trend custom products for years to come.

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