Hi-5 Print HTV – Fast, Cool, Easy

Image of name and number printed on a jersey in the Siser HI-5 Print material

Siser’s new Hi-5 Print Matte HTV could be a game changer for you and your business. What makes this printable vinyl different from the rest?

Fast Application Time:

Hi-5 HTV applies in only 5 seconds! Talk about saving time.

Cool Application Temp:

Not only does this HTV work well with Cotton and Cotton/Poly blends, but with an application temp of only 250ºF, you no longer have to worry about leaving ‘scorch marks’ or ‘heat press marks’ on heat sensitive fabrics, like 100% Polyester, Rayon, Polypropylene, etc…(A word of caution though: Hi-5 Print Matte will not block dyes from bleeding through on sublimated polyesters or other solid color polyesters prone to dye migration.)

Easy Printing – Weeding – Masking:

Hi-5 Print Matte is just as easy to print on as the rest of Siser’s printable HTV, using Solvent, Eco-Solvent or Latex printers. Weeding Hi-5 is a breeze too, comparable to weeding ColorPrint™ Easy. Whether you prefer using Siser’s TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask, either will work with Hi-5. And it’s a Hot Peel, so no waiting for it to cool down.

Hi-5 Print Matte has the potential to save you and your business time and money. In addition, at only 70 microns thick and a matte finish, Hi-5 Print Matte has a professional look and feel when applied. So why not give it a try today?

Order A Roll of Hi-5 Print Matte to do the printing yourself.

Send Us Your Artwork and we can print, cut, weed, and mask it for you.

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