New: UltraWeed™ by Stahls

picture of 2 blue shirts with White UltraWeed HTV designs on them

Here’s why you should try the new UltraWeed™

   There are lots of htv’s out there and sometimes it’s hard to find the right fit. You may choose one over the other because of various reasons. It could be the easiest to use, the softest feel, the specific color you need, or the necessary low temp application for your garment needs. Whatever the case may be we are excited to welcome Stahls’ UltraWeed™ to our product lineup for these main reasons:

1. ULTRA-Easy to Weed

2. Matte Finish

3. Thin

4. Low Temp Application (260-300 depending on fabric)

5. Amazing detail

weeding tool laying on top of a Stahls' UltraWeed heat transfer vinyl design

The tacky carrier allows for effortless weeding and the hot peel make production time a breeze. With 33 colors and counting you’ll always have the right combination. Speaking of combinations, this material by far has the best results when doing 2 color applications. You can apply the base layer with only a 2 second tack and FORGET about shrinkage! Lineup is a cakewalk and the soft thin feel gives you and your customers ALL the feels.

Last but not least…we are thrilled to be able to offer this new material in a 20″ wide roll. You will only find that here at Wellington House! A wider roll allows for more ganging of designs and more effective production on your cutter.

picture of 2 blue shirts with White UltraWeed HTV designs on them
close up picture of Stahls' UltraWeed heat transfer vinyl on a blue garment

So in summary…

Our friends at Stahls’ designed UltraWeed™ to give you the ultimate experience from start to finish. It’s applied at a low temperature, making it ideal for tri-blends and other heat-sensitive fabrics. It has a tacky, crystal clear carrier making lining up multiple colors and weeding a breeze. Best of all it’s made in the USA, so you can be confident you’re getting the best vinyl for your business. Don’t take our word for it, order a yard today and see what everyone is raving about! You’ll thank us later. 

You can also call or email to request samples:

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