Revised: EasyWeed Stretch Application

Siser EasyWeed Stretch on a white shirt

Over the past few months, Siser has gotten increased reports of customers having problems with the EasyWeed Stretch application. Usually this involved the vinyl peeling off, especially after the first wash.

Because EasyWeed Stretch is such a thin HTV, the margin for error with the application is very small. While regular EasyWeed and Glitter are more forgiving, EasyWeed Stretch needs accurate settings to be used (especially the Temp and Pressure) for it to stick permanently.

Often times, customers will use an inferior (cheap) heat press, or a home iron to apply EasyWeed Stretch. Because of that, the pressure and temperature are inconsistent, which results in an unfinished application.

So after some thorough testing, using a variety of heat pressing equipment, Siser has revised their recommended application instructions for EasyWeed Stretch to make sure the HTV sticks to the garment.

Here are the NEW EasyWeed Stretch application instructions:

  • Temperature: 320°F / 160°C
  • Press Time: 20 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm
EasyWeed Stretch application instructions

Cutting and laundering instructions are the same, as is pricing.

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