What’s New For Wellington House in 2020?

Wellington House Inc 2020 catalog cover

It’s the beginning of a new year, and we want to take this opportunity to THANK all of our customers. We have enjoyed working with you to help your business grow and thrive. And this year Wellington House Inc will continue to do that, not only by supplying quality products, but also through excellent customer service and support.

So what can you expect from Wellington House in the way of NEW products and services in 2020?

Digital Print Material Selection Tool

animated GIF of Wellington House material selection tool on their website

This added feature to our Digital Print Upload Form will help you narrow down and choose the heat transfer vinyl you need.

  1. Select the fabric you will be applying to
  2. See the ideal heat transfer materials displayed for that fabric
  3. Choose the one you like and continue to upload your artwork

A similar feature will be added to the Custom CAD-Cut® Upload Form soon.

Quick Logo Cost Calculator

animated GIF of WellingonHouse.com Quick Cost Calculator

Need a quick quote on some custom logos or graphics? With just a few clicks, you can get pricing for both Digital Prints and Custom CAD-Cut® logos.

  1. Choose the service type (Digital Transfers or Custom CAD-Cut®)
  2. Select your material(s)
  3. Enter the Width and Length
  4. See the Price (and the quantity price breaks)
  5. Enter the quantity you want and see your total price

EasySubli® Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser EasySuli Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser® EasySubli® HTV combines the brilliant colors of sublimation with the ability to decorate colored polyester (excluding sublimated polyester garments) and cotton blends, so you never have to worry about pre-treating garments, or being limited to plain white polyester again.
When combined with the Siser® EasySubli® Inks by Sawgrass you will get the brightest colors and best results.

Die-Cut Stickers & Easy Peel Stickers

Wellington House Inc Die-Cut and Easy Peel Stickers

While Wellington House has been printing and cutting stickers for years now, we have streamlined our process and improved their quality. Especially is this true with the Die-Cut and Easy Peel stickers.

So what’s the difference between Die-Cut and Easy Peel?


As shown in the picture above, Die-Cut stickers are cut through both the sticker material and paper backing, so the edges of the sticker match the artwork/logo, no extra material around the edge. But this means the shapes need to be relatively basic and simple. More complex artwork would require extra material around the edges (Easy Peel).


Easy Peel stickers are also ‘die-cut’ but the edge doesn’t match the artwork. A basic shape, like a square, circle, or other, is created 0.20″ out from the edge of the actual sticker artwork. This makes it possible to not only print and cut more complex sticker artwork, but makes it easy to peel. Just bend and fold back the outer material, and the sticker edge is exposed for easy peeling.


These new offerings are just the beginning for 2020. There are sure to be more in the following months, including new colors in your favorite HTV materials.

We here at Wellington House look forward to continually working with you, our valued customers, to supply the best products, services and support in this new year. Thank you again for your continued business and loyal support!

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