Hotronix® Fusion IQ™

Hotronix® Fusion IQ™ Swing/Draw heat press

What’s New About The ‘IQ’?

When the Hotronix® Fusion™ was originally released in 2010, it introduced multiple innovative features. These features made the Fusion™ easier to operate with greater accuracy, and more efficient than other leading heat press brands. And now they’ve done it again, with the Fusion IQ™. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the new ‘IQ’ and discuss how these can improve your business’ efficiency and productivity.

Fusion IQ™ Features:

Larger and more responsive touchscreen control panel.

Photo showing the Hotronix Fusion IQ screen

This improved control panel is larger (30% larger), brighter than previous models and easier to view from wider angles. So whether you’re in a brightly lit storefront or a dark back room, you will have no problem seeing the Fusion IQ™ touchscreen display.

Status Bar at the top of the touchscreen control panel.

Photo showing the Hotronix Fusion IQ screen, featuring the Status Bar

This will tell you what your status is in regard to desired temperature and pressure and display any error messages. If the press is heating up or cooling down, the status bar will tell you so and it will give you an estimated time of when it will be ready. When you lower the top platen to press, pre-heat or check the pressure, the status bar will tell you what the pressure should be for the preset settings you have selected. This feature will not only help you press with greater accuracy but can help you make the most of your time, knowing about how long you can leave the press to heat up or cool down so you can go do other important tasks.

Live Pressure Display Changes Color.

Photo of Fusion IQ heat press screen showing live pressure readout

The Fusion IQ™ Live Pressure Display, not only displays the pressure when you lower the top platen, but will change color to alert you if you have too little or too much pressure. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have multiple employees using the press, or have someone running the press that is regularly interrupted, the risk of pressing errors increases. And the most often overlooked area of heat pressing is the pressure. So giving a visual alert to the user will help to reduce application errors caused by incorrect pressure. (Note: The Air Fusion IQ™ and Dual Air Fusion IQ™ automatically adjusts the pressure, so no manual adjustment is required)

Wifi and access to the Hotronix Online Portal.

Screenshot of Hotronix Online Portal

You can connect the Fusion IQ™ heat press to your local wifi in order to register the machine, keep the software up to date, and record usage data in the Hotronix Online Portal. This is the biggest change to the Fusion IQ™. The data collected from the Fusion IQ™ can be used to generate reports in order to help you see when mistakes are being made, if there is ‘downtime’ when the press is on but not being used, which presets are used the most, and much more. All of this data can help you and your business to improve production efficiency.

Built-In Troubleshooting System.

Photo showing the Hotronix Fusion IQ screen, featuring a troubleshooting display.

The Fusion IQ™ control board will detect and self-diagnose issues or malfunctions within the press. The Status Bar will then display an error message. This feature can alert the user to simple problems, easily fixed in-house (such as inadequate air pressure in the Air Fusion IQ™ model). For more technical issues, Hotronix Tech Support will use the error message to quickly pinpoint the problem and formulate a solution.

So there it is. The Fusion IQ™ is the smartest heat press available and can help take your business to the next level.

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