New To Wellington House!

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Exciting new materials are available!


Siser® SparklePrint™

This white film is embedded with silver specks of glitter that are encapsulated to create a smooth surface without any rough texture, so your prints are always soft and sparkly. The bright and shiny finish makes images pop with a pearly glow. Your designs and logos will look better than ever when printed on SparklePrint™ digital media. No printer? Let us print them for you and all you have to do is heat apply. Click here for more info.

picture of Sparkleprint heat transfer vinyl design on a white shirt
picture of Sparkleprint heat transfer vinyl on blue shirt
picture of SparklePrint heat transfer vinyl design on a pink shirt

Siser® DigiBrick™

DigiBrick™ continues where the standard Brick HTV leaves off. Standard Brick HTV is 600 microns where DigiBrick™ stands tall at a whopping 750 microns and has the added benefit of being a printable digital media! DigiBrick™ is designed to give your graphics dimension so they really pop. The smooth, matte finish complements almost all projects. Perfect for hat designs, faux patches, and any full-color design that needs added dimension. Also available in Digital Transfers.

close up picture of Digibrick heat transfer printed vinyl
picture of 'The Light Keepers' design in DigiBrick HTV on a blue shirt


Stahls’® UV Shift

Take creative custom apparel to the next level with a color changing HTV that transforms in light. UV Shift appears white until one of 4 vibrant colors is activated by sunlight or ultraviolet light. Colors appear like magic with this distinctive, eye-catching material. 

Stahls' UV shift HTV in heart shaped glasses on pink shirt
Stahls' UV Shift HTV design on blue shirt

Keep in mind you can call or email us to request a sample of any of these materials.

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