Thermo-Film® by Stahls’® – Why it’s #1

Stahls' Thermo Film #1 material for sports uniforms

 The world’s best-selling Thermo-FILM is back in stock in all colors.

Best-Selling Thermo-FILM is Back in Stock!

Why are we so excited? If you know you know but here’s some key info on this popular material and why customers have been in love for years.

About Thermo-FILM®

When Stahls’® first introduced Thermo-FILM back in 1977 it changed the way people numbered sports uniforms. It was the first film on the market with a polyester adhesive. And the first eco-friendly material, engineered with no PVC. From that day forward, Thermo-FILM® rocked the world of athletic lettering and numbering.

Nothing Beats Thermo-FILM®

There’s a reason why Stahls’ Thermo-FILM is the World’s #1 Team Printing Material—it’s engineered to outperform and outlast—no matter how many punches you throw at it.

Garment decorators around the world use Thermo-FILM because it stands up to the rigorous demands on T-shirts and team uniforms, time and time again.

  • 100% opacity
  • Easy to apply–fastest application times for names and numbers
  • Permanent two-color application
  • Extensive range of colors, including metallics! Like the pros use!
  • Hassle-free cutting and weeding
  • Perfect for all types of team uniforms, caps, polo’s, bags, t-shirts and more
  • Thermo-FILM applies to 100% cotton, poly/cotton, 100% polyester, polyester knits polyester mesh, and acrylic blends.
  • Can be used for two-color applications or combined with other materials
  • CPSIA Certified

Thermo-FILM Inhibits Dye-Migration

Thermo-FILM is designed to resist low-bleed dyes in fabrics such as the polyester jersey, unlike most other standard films. This means your white numbers won’t turn pink when you apply them to a red jersey!

Questions? Feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for more info.

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