Roland TrueVIS VG3 & SG3 Series

Roalnd DGA VG3 and SG3 Series print/cut machines

What’s new about these 3rd generation printer/cutters?

In March this year, Roland DGA announced the launch of its third-generation of state-of-the-art inkjets – the TrueVIS™ VG3 and SG3 series large-format printer/cutters – engineered for even greater image quality, productivity, and ease of use. Building upon the impressive capabilities of Roland DG’s best-selling VG2 and SG2 series, the new VG3 and SG3 models continue to benefit from core TrueVIS technology and functionality, plus new user-focused enhancements to features and industrial design. 

For maximum ease of use and streamlined operation, third-generation TrueVIS devices are equipped with a new 7-inch LCD touch-panel screen. Users can access print and cut settings, check notifications, get a real-time view of ink levels or media sizes, automatically sheet cut, operate the take-up, and perform other device commands. 

Each VG3 and SG3 printer/cutter comes with a redesigned take-up system that not only provides increased stability for a smooth post process, but also incorporates several new features that simplify set up and optimize workflow. Fully adjustable tube holders accommodate any tube size for easy media placement, while a choice of two different modes enable the take-up to handle everything from thin films to heavy canvas materials.

Users will also appreciate other new VG3 and SG3 features, such as an automated media calibration feature that uses TrueVIS optical registration technology to determine gaps, adjust, and calibrate; automated pinch rollers that raise during operation to avoid contact with printed graphics; and a perforated sheet cut option that automatically adds “easy tear” perforations to separate print jobs.

Key Differences – TrueVIS VG3 and SG3 Printer/Cutters

TrueVIS VG3 Series

The professional-grade TrueVIS VG3 family includes the 64-inch VG3-640 and the 54-inch VG3-540. Along with the features outlined above (which the SG3 machines share), the VG3 models boast four FlexFire print heads for increased productivity, plus a choice of six ink configurations, including a new 8-color (CMYK+Lc+Lm+Or+Gr) option. The VG3’s cutting-edge print technology and expanded gamut allow for greater color freedom and accuracy, subtle neutral tones, and smooth color transitions without any grainy texture. In addition to significantly widening the overall color gamut, Orange and Green TR2 inks make it easy to hit Pantone® colors, specific orange to red areas, blue to green areas, and challenging hues like purples and reds.

TrueVIS SG3 Series

The value-packed TrueVIS SG3 Series includes the 54-inch SG3-540 and 30-inch SG3-300, which offer many of the same features of Roland DG’s top-of-the-line VG3 printer/cutters at extremely attractive pricing.  Both of the SG3 models use TR2 inks in a CMYK ink configuration.

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