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EasyColor™ DTV™-all you need is an inkjet printer

Full-Color is now available to everyone!..... Read More

HouseCut - Our very own HTV

Have you tried our NEW HouseCut material? It's our own private label heat transfer vinyl!..... Read More

Thermo-Film® by Stahls'® - Why it's #1

Best-Selling Thermo-FILM is Back in Stock!..... Read More

School Sports Success

Summer is almost over, bummer. However, with the start of a new school year comes new opportunities for sales..... Read More

Roland TrueVIS VG3 & SG3

What's new about these 3rd generation printer/cutters?..... Read More

Dancewear & Stahls'® Glitter Flake™

Stahls'® Glitter Flake™ is now available!..... Read More

New To Wellington House

Exciting new materials are available..... Read More

Weeding Made Easy

Is weeding your favorite thing to do? We're guessing no. While we can't completely eliminate this critical part of production, we can help you optimize your workspace and increase productivity by up to 60%! Want to know how?..... Read More

Do you have a cold spot?

We hope you are staying warm during wintertime but, we're not asking about your body temperature. Rather, we are speaking Heat Press language and it's something we should all be familiar with..... Read More

Trade Show Here We Come!

UPDATED January 12th 2022

The Impressions Expo Trade Show in Long Beach, CA has long been a tradition of ours for connecting face to face, to give our long distance customers a chance to see..... Read More

Dealing With Material Shortages

We're sure you've heard "unfortunately we're out of stock in that" a few too many times this year #covid.... Read More

Fall Decoration Favorites

With the fall season upon us, many customers are looking for fall inspired apparel, home decor, and hard goods. We love the opportunity it gives for new creative ideas that are tailored to on-trend markets.... Read More

New: Sublithin® Soft Printable Material by Siser®

It's time to say goodbye to Colorprint Sublithin...and hello to Sublithin® Soft Printable HTV!.... Read More

Showcase Summer with Specialty HTV

Summer is upon us and that means people want fun, bright, eye-catching designs or text on their new t-shirt, hoodie, gym bag, hat, etc.... Read More

25 Years With Stahls'®

Time flies when you have great partners!...Earlier this month, we were featured on Stahls'® blog as a Master Distributor who hit this 25 year partnership milestone. We are thrilled to have.... Read More

Have you tapped into this market?

Want to make more money and stand out with something other than T-shirts? Printing hats is extremely profitable in terms of apparel decoration. With the Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press we started selling this year, you can heat press hats with ease.... Read More

Something You Love - More Options!

Back in January, we announced the arrival of the CAD-CUT® Soft Foam HTV and it has been a huge hit! We've heard how much you love its soft, smooth, and raised finish. It's great for all types of garments and markets alike. Due to the vast success of CAD-CUT® Soft Foam, the manufacturer, STAHLS'®, has added a product to give you even more options.... Read More

This Blade Over That Blade - Why?

Choosing the right blade for the HTV you're cutting is pivotal to a successful cut job. Did you know there is more than one blade option? Do you know what each one is intended for? It's been awhile since we discussed this ever-so-important topic so let's dive in and cover the basics... Read More

What's New For Wellington House in 2021

Though 2020 was a year full of incredible challenges for most businesses, we are looking forward to turning the page to 2021 and continuing our legacy of offering the brands, services and support that you trust, all under one roof! Read More

Out With the Old, In With the New

First things first-we need to apologize. At the beginning of the year, Graphtec America came out with the NEW Graphtec CE7000 series and we forgot to introduce you! Something during 2020 must have distracted us… (Insert your choice of challenging events here). Read More

New: "Golden Rose" Metal Material by Siser®

If you don't know already...Metal HTV offers a smooth finish, soft hand, and a brushed metal appearance that can be washed and worn without becoming lackluster. Metal is also super light-weight so you can wear it on almost anything. It's perfect for bridal parties, spirit wear, cheer, dance, and any other occasion that needs a gleaming touch..... Read More

Must-Have Accessories for Heat Printing

Don't forget the basics- Simple things can make your work environment organized, efficient and running smoothly with no hiccups. Plus it's always important to protect and maintain your equipment and supplies as well. Here's our go-to accessories that will help you produce the best-looking items every time.... Read More

New Ways to Sell - Think Outside the T-Shirt

These are difficult times. How many of you have heard that today? Well it’s true, but let’s look at the bright side. These times we are dealing with are tough, but sometimes obstacles force us to think outside the box or outside the t-shirt like we mentioned. If t-shirt sales are not... Read More

New: UltraWeed™ by Stahls'

There are lots of htv’s out there and sometimes it’s hard to find the right fit. You may choose one over the other because of various reasons. ... Read More

3 Potential Fields For Garment Decoration

UPDATED April 29th

During this COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses are having to, not only look for ways to cut back, but also find new, creative approaches to drum up business. This includes... Read More

Discontinued - Roland VS-300i

It's the end of an era. For the past decade, starting in 2010 with the VS, and the VSi in 2013, this series of printers... Read More

3 Steps For Overcoming Common Price Objections

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you have likely heard many objections to your pricing. Whether it’s true and the customer honestly cannot afford the cost, or if they’re trying to push you for a discount, you need to... Read More

Vocational Vocabulary Series:


The word ‘bleed’ has multiple different meanings, like what happens when your skin gets cut. But in this article we’re going to focus on 2 ways this term is used in the printing and heat transfer industry, how it affects you, and how.... Read More

What's New In 2020?

Wellington House Inc is going into 2020 with continued determination to offer quality products and services. And this year, we are adding more tools and materials to help your business thrive... Read More

4 Most Common Causes of Cutting Problems

Jagged cut lines, corners not connecting, constantly turning up the cut force. These are some of the most common vinyl cutting problems, and they can easily be diagnosed and fixed by checking these 4 things ... Read More

How To Decorate Waterproof Garments

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is: ‘Which heat transfer vinyl will stick to waterproof or water resistant fabric?’ Waterproof and water resistant coatings/treatments are... Read More

What You Can Learn At A Tradeshow

Why attend this years Impressions Expo 2020 in Long Beach, CA? This WH Blog article reveals what you can learn, and discusses other benefits of attending trade shows. Plus there's a free gift in it for you... Read More

Holographic 'Rainbow Pearl' Replaces 'Pearl'

Because of its cloudy, translucent blend of pinks, purples, and blues, the Holographic Pearl material was a unique choice... Read More

NEW: Roland TrueVIS SG2 & VG2 Series Printer/Cutters

Roland DGA is always looking for ways to offer the highest quality, user friendly, print/cut machines at affordable prices. Now, after listening to the voices of their customers... Read More

Vocational Vocabulary Series:

Substrate & Textile

While the terms Substrate and Textile aren’t used very much in ‘day-to-day’ speech, you will probably hear them when you attend trade shows, or other events catering to the garment decoration... Read More

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